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An Ongoing Fight for Justice

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Justice for ROSAURA Inc

Get to Know Rosaura and Learn About Her Story 

Rosaura Magdalena Barbosa made her debut into our lives on February 15, 2000. Since the second she took her first breath, she had a happy little glint in her eye. Life for her family became an adventure as soon as she could talk. Rosaura always had a question:
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

No matter how detailed the answer, she still wanted to know more. Rosaura was a queen and always wanted her mom to hold her. At the age of 2, her dad taught her to walk. Once she had this newfound freedom there was no stopping her. She was a natural fearless explorer who loved animals and climbed trees. A tiny girl amongst her sister Marialisa, brother Joseph, uncle Angel, cousin Cisco, and cousin Louie, she was timid but developed a very outspoken personality.

She had to, or her tiny voice, would have been drowned out. Her mom was always worried people would push her around because she was so tiny and sweet, so she taught her to use her “momma voice.” She was taught to take a huge breath, deepen her voice, and speak loud and authoritatively. Her mom must not have explained well enough as to when this voice was appropriate.

Once at Walmart, Rosaura and her parents, sister, and brother were browsing Christmas lights. Rosaura was sitting in the back of the cart with her sister Marialisa and Joseph in the front. Her mom was pushing, and dad was standing next to the cart. Two older women were standing in front of the cart, slowly browsing as the family waited to get around them to look at some decorations further up the aisle.

These women must have been moving too slowly for 5-year-old Rosaura, she took a deep breath and in the deepest loudest voice to ever come out of such a small child, she roared “BEEP! BEEP! COMING THROUGH! MOVE IT MOVE IT!” Her dad and siblings began laughing, as did a few other nearby customers. Her mom blushed, apologized to the women, and quickly found an exit. Rosaura always said what she felt. No matter what the situation was, she said it with kind words, respect, and love.

As she grew older, she developed a deep love for God. She loved going to catechism, attending church with her grandpa Louie and grandma Terri. She also enjoyed helping at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Safford, Arizona and being a member of the church youth group. The last year her family lived in Safford, she had won the honor of being queen for the Cinco de Mayo festivities at St. Rose of Lima.

She didn’t stop smiling about that for weeks. The birth of her younger cousins Alyssa and Alexis ended her reign as the youngest girl in her tight knit family. She immediately became like an older sister to her two young cousins and even called them her little sisters. She had a loving relationship like this with all her family, and even with distant relatives she rarely saw. Whenever she saw positive accomplishments, they posted on Facebook she celebrated them as if they were her own. She loved telling her parents stories of things their huge family was accomplishing.

As a teenager, Rosaura and her family moved to Tucson. Arizona. Starting a new school and leaving all the people she had grown up with, caused her anxiety. Once in school, she easily made friends but was sad because for the first time in her life, her older sister Marialisa was not going to the same school as her. Marialisa was always a protector to Rosaura and their brother Joseph. With Maria in another school, Rosaura became Joseph’s protector while at school. If she felt her brother was being mistreated in any way, she was quick to stand up for him.

Once high school came along, she had to leave Joseph and rejoin Marialisa. She was shy and quiet compared to the rowdy loud kids in her new school but her sister Marialisa kept her safe and out of trouble. The family moved from the quiet laid-back Northwest side of Tucson to the densely populated East Side. Rosaura then applied and was accepted to Sonoran Science Academy at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

During her time in this school, she experienced many new things. She built an Ironman figurine with a 3D printer. She built a miniature house with working electricity. Rosaura was a very intelligent young lady. She also grew her own plants with her classmates. She learned many things at this school and loved it there. This is where she met her first boyfriend and lifelong friend. They dated a short time and decided to part ways when he moved to a new school for football.

Rosaura had decided she was ready to get a job and try a school that she could work at her own pace. In May of 2017, she was hired at her first job. She became a cashier at Taco Bell. She loved coming home and telling her family about all the different people she got to interact with at work. She was a girly girl who liked buying clothes, getting her nails done, and collecting eyeshadow. Her big soul filled light brown eyes were beautiful, she liked to make them the center of attention.

At this time, she adopted her Chihuahua puppy-son, Gizmo. She always said she didn’t want to have biological children because there were so many who needed families in foster care. After a few months of online school and work, her grades were slipping so her parents asked her to quit work and focus on school. Rosaura agreed and chose not to have a job for a little while. She loved the feeling of working hard and being able to see the fruit of her labors when she got her paycheck, so her hiatus didn’t last long.

She got a job at Red Lobster at Park Place as a hostess. She was the perfect hostess, always greeting everyone with her signature thousand-watt smile. This is also around the time she met her betrayer and became enamored.

On her 18th birthday, she informed her parents she was moving in with her betrayer but little did they know that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Making Rosaura feel as if she was with the love of her life. Rosaura, Gizmo, and her betrayer, moved into a studio apartment at Summit Ridge Apartments on Craycroft and 22nd. Rosaura left Red Lobster and started working at the Jack in the Box next to her apartment. Though she worked there a short time, she was quickly offered a position as overnight manager.

Rosaura loved a challenge and quickly accepted. This decision had her working long overnight hours. This is when she began seeing her betrayer differently. He got hired at her old work place, Taco Bell. He chose not to work many hours and was home most of the time, playing Call of Duty on his PS4. This caused a lot of stress for Rosaura.

She was working all night and came home, having to clean up after him and her dog Gizmo. Her betrayer would stay home and depend completely on her to cook, clean, and pay the bills.

The last week of her life, she had the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Disneyland with her Tio and his family, for a week. She went met new friends made awesome memories and had a great time. Rosaura kept a constant conversation through Facebook Messenger with her parents since she had become an adult. The same went for her week in California, Rosaura kept her parents updated on her vacation activities hourly. Sometimes, even more than that.

She arrived home a day early from California and found Gizmo, dangerously neglected. The apartment was filled with dog waste and did not have the AC on. Gizmo was lethargic and skinny. It looked like he had been alone all week. She was upset. She told her parents that she would not stand for her Gizmo to be treated this way. She broke up with her betrayer. 

The next morning she went back to get a few of her things and to talk to her betrayer. She wanted to leave the relationship on good terms. He killed her. 

Sadly, because of Joshua Hilaire’s lack of self-control. Rosaura’s life was cut short. She was a beautiful, amazing, kind, caring young lady, whose life ended too soon.


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Updates on the Trial

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